These guys are crooks and completely unorganized. I brought my car in to see if they could replace the side mirror.

I'm just talking about the mirror-not even the casing that holds the mirror. First of all, Chris said he would have to check to see if they had the part in stock. After waiting several days for them to call me back, I finally called them. No one had even checked with the other store like they said they would.

They acted like they had no idea what I was talking about. They said they would call and check on it for me. A few days later I got a call back and they told me to bring my car in so they could put the mirror on. When I showed up at the time they told me to, I was told there was no way that they would have time to install it.

I rearranged my schedule because they told me they would have time, but whatever. When I brought it in the next day, they told me it would be 4 times as much as they originally quoted me. When I questioned this he said, "Well, there about 90 minutes of labor in this job." After sitting there for half an hour, the guy came out and said that it was the wrong part and they'd have to get the part from a dealership. He said they would call a dealership for me to try to get the part.

After waiting a week, I decided to take it somewhere else. The other shop had the new mirror for me the same day and I watched the guy pop it into the casing that houses the mirror, which took him all of 60 seconds. Therefore, they didn't charge me for labor--only for the part.

I'll never go to Pep Boys again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Part Replacement.

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