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I went in to get my car fixed after it broke down. They said it was a few belts needed replaced and would be ready by the following day because their technicians left.

I went in the next morning and waited 2 1/2 hours and they never said a thing to me. Finally a guy was going around asking what people were waiting for. I said my car and they left, the guy came back pulled me to the back and told me they need a piece that broke in the engine. They never said a thing to me until 2 1/2 hours later?

So I left then they told me they would call me when they found the part. I called back and they said it wouldn't be until the next day to get my car. I called in the next day and they said that they ordered the wrong part. I told them I only wanted a few things done because I was short on money and some of the stuff they needed to do wasn't as important.

So they told me they wouldn't do everything. I go in hours later and they told me they did everything to my car. When they handed my keys back I noticed the fob wasn't attached to my keys anymore so I complained about that. The guy didn't care at all and said I never turned them in with the keys.

That is *** because without that I can't get into my car. They key doesn't work to unlock the car. Also before I got my key they didn't know where my paperwork was and they spent several minutes looking for it. About 4 people handled my keys from the time I turned my car in to pickup and the guy called one guy and he said I didn't turn in the fob with the keys.

I am so pissed because now I can't lock my car until I BUY a new fob...

The whole time the people were blaming me. I guess customers arent always right with pepboys.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Bay City, Michigan, United States #603408

Before you have a chain company like Pep Boys work on your car, just take a look at the people working on cars. If they are all clean-cut and normal-looking, then you may not get scammed.

However, remember that these places do not pay a whole lot and basically take people off the streets who may know next to nothing about how to repair an automobile.

Best always to find a local mechanic you can trust and one not associated with a chain.

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