On January 3rd my car was towed into Pep Boys on Boston Avenue in Bridgeport the car would not start I was told they changed the battery changed alternator then I was told by 3a car engine was seized I was then told on the 4th they were going to look into more detail of what was wrong with the car supposedly the repairs originally the paperwork I picked up from them said $965 replacing head gaskets serpentine belt alternator belt ignition coils on January 4th I totally different invoice the price was drop down 844 this invoice dated ignition coil an AC compressor a gasket or a seal these guys are just Shady mechanic I'm a 56-year-old single woman I now have a battery in the back of my car behind the driver's seat nowhere on the paperwork does it state that my battery was removed I actually really don't know what work was done if my car was fixed properly I did pay the 844 my car is running, but I'm very scared that something's going to go wrong again I would truly like to bring the car try a different Pep Boys with both invoices I was given and have someone verify what work was actually done I have never felt show so scammed and *** about repairs every time I drive my car since last Monday I am scared that something drastic is going to go wrong I don't have the Comfort or the safety of knowing that repairs were done properly for that point if any of these repairs were done I desperately need advice

User's recommendation: I truly would not recommend any mechanical repairs.

Location: The Bronx, New York

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