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Pep Boys has cut the pay for service writers and assistant service managers by $5.00/hour and instituted a commission pay schedule for these workers.

Commission is paid at 2.5% on parts and labor dollars on a service work order, tires at 2% except for Cornell 1000 tires which is 1%. Commissions are paid on the amount that is rung up and paid for by the customer. Any discounts reduce commissions and no commissions on warranty work.

To make a bad situation worse, they have a Net Service Promoter (NSP) score that can reduce the commissions. This quarter the NSP score is 50 so if the workers score is above 50, no reduction .

But if below 50, the commission on parts and labor is 1.5%, tire commission is 1% and Cornell 1000 commission is 0.5% with the difference banked until the end of the quarter and if the NSP score gets above 50, the banked commissions are paid out, if not they are lost and never paid.

Pep Boys blames the workers for falling revenue instead of the recession. Corporate keeps blasting service managers as well as store managers where the sales have fallen off as compared to last year.

Corporate blames the workers saying that by not filling out the paper work correctly and completely that is why sales are dropping, that workers are lazy.

The morale in the stores and service departments has dropped to all time low. It is bad enough to cut workers pay by 35% and replace it with a meager commission plan which has a net effect of a $100.00 weekly pay cut for most service writers and assistant service managers but to blame the workers for the failing economy has crushed morale in most stores.

Service managers have seen this but won't tell corporate what the effects of this pay change has done to the workers. Most of the workers are actively looking for other work but with this economy in recession, good work is hard to find.

No one in automotive is hiring.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Good right up. I 100% agree with everything sayd.

Pepboys emp grossing 50k a month. Now I make 7.50 hr WTF is that. Can you say would you like frys with that? Mcdonalds would pay a higher hrly!

Im actuily grossing an avg of 12.5 hr. But god forbid if my net promoter drops below 50... And whats with this kick on useless paperwork? That 7 min It takes to fully fill out paper work, I could have wrote up 2-3 more tickets!

So question 1. Does engine crank? yes? No?

What a redundent loop is that?!? Oh no I didnt mesure all 4 tires tread depth... Sir you at 0/32 on lf 1/32 on rf 2/32 on rr...... WTF is that?

More like Sir your tires are slicks! You need 4 and an align. Its x amount. Yes i will have it done in 1hr thanks!

YAY ME! MONEY! *** paper work! And dont blame me because I didnt make a sale!

The guy just lost his *** job and cant pay the morgage! I think he really wants a good 3step fuel package!!

Not my fault! THE ITS THE ECONOMY!!


or comes see me and I'll give you a job.

You know what kind of job because you know what I am.

Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #50424

Word of advice to all Pep Boys employees: Get a new job if you don't like it.


Thats why Pepboys is a trashy worthless corporation with low intellect greedy s c u m b a g s and why I will actively PROMOTE NOT going to H A C K B O Y S for anything automotive.

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