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Hi , my cuda in Salt Lake city lost oil pressure. Stopped at Pep Boys to get new oil pump.

They had one in ,so I purchased it. I saw the 6 bays were empty , so I ask if the car could be put in bay and put new oil pump on. This is a 440 wedge motor and oil pump is on lower right outside of the motor. Three bolts and its off.

Oh NO. Thank God! If they had done it ,car probaly blow up. I did it my self in YOUR PeP Boys parking lot in TEN MINUTES.

Back on the road again, that dog wont hunt no more! adios ***

Monetary Loss: $40.

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If you drove something other than a pos Dodge you probably wouldn't need a new oil pump...just saying :cry :cry :cry :cry


And if you could afford a classic cuda you Would be concerned too. I have read too many complaints on the incompetance on Pep Boys part. No thanks.


You bring a classic car in with no oil pressure and then are surprised when they won't touch it? They replace that pump and that engine is blown, they're buying you a new one. I think they were really, really smart by not touching your 'classic' POS with no oil pressure.

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