I had my car towed to Pep Boys in sterling heights because it wouldn't start. They charged me a "crank no start" fee of $97 when all they did was crank on it over and over until the battery died, they did no actual work to my car.

They also failed to put my engine cover back onto my engine, so i called the store to see if they still had it and the manager said "I don't know, maybe." I then had to drive 40 minutes to the shop where, sure enough they had it. By far the worst "service" I have ever experienced.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States #780630

maybe the engine looks better without it and the car is lighter and faster now :grin

Miami, Florida, United States #767546

No one works for free they charged you for diognostic time, ofcours to someone who doesint understand what is being done it mite appear they didn't do a whole lot. From there its up to you to decide if you want them to repair what they find, if you decline then ofcours YOUR STUCK WITH THE FEE.

Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States #763375

I have visited this Pep Boys in sterling heights, Michigan on several occasions, I have had axle seals replaced along with shocks on my 95 astro van, they even helped me install a hitch and leaf spring helpers and didn't even charge me for it. I figured that I would submit this due to reading bad reviews.

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