I went to pepboys in Orlando florida store number 1496. The manager there quoted me for $1189. When I asked the manager how much it would cost to add something else he said he would call me back to let me know because the line was full. I left, and when I returned I was charged $2088 that's double the original price. It is against the law charge a price in a mechanic shop without the consent of the consumer. The manager told me everything looks great, the leaking stopped the engine runs fine and it is holding coolant great. The car drove worse then ever after the repairs so I returned the car for more repairs. I document my oil levels every day while the engine is running and when it is not running due to a difference in compression levels i'm not a fool. The manager refused to reimburse cash for the $26.99 I paid for the oil and told me he didn't believe me that he left the oil cap off. There was oil all over the side of the engine no cap and oil coming out dripping down the side of engine. He even left the transmission dip stick out and his personal document/organizer in my car. The manager Jose then inspected my car for 20 mins to try to find the "problem". Coincidently the oil pressure switch he said was leaking before was loose once again after I tightened it with an oil pressure socket. It was SHOOTING out oil which it was not before I left I even took a video of the vehicle while it was running because I am familiar with this game "mechanics" play. I believe he loosened the oil pressure switch with an oil pressure socket to make it appear like all the oil left the engine through that exit. This seems to be appears to be a cover up for the fact that he left the cap off. The first time it was leaking, all it needed was to be tightened. I contacted customer service and during the original phone call I was told I will be contacted by the area director. 50 hours after my phone call I still have not received contact from anyone other then the manager in this store the same person that was sarcastic and rude. He did not want to give me eye contact, because I was reading his body language.


You can see the oil pressure switch socket, oil, and switch I Purchased due to pepboys mistakes in the image.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $1045.

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