Monaca, Pennsylvania
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On March 4,2010, I took my car to Pep Boys to have a alternator installed. After almost 4 hours, I was told my car was finished.

I proceeded on my way home, it is now turning dark and I have a ways to go. I started down this steep hill which leads to the main road towards my home, only to encounter a complete blackout in my car, no power of any source. God gave the power to me and my car to turn or otherwise die, I managed to get my car to the snow covered sidewalk, leaving my car exposed to the traffic which is very heavy with tracter trailors, buses skimming me not being able to see me without any lights. I called Pep Boys tow line, it took them a half of hour to process my information on my location.

I am 74 years old and in all my life, I have never had a experience of this true trama, I was shaken with fear and anxiety. I called the police to get some assistance, after waiting over a hour for the tow truck, I was told by the tow truck driver, that my car could not be driven because of the alternator. My bill came to over $440.00, I expected more from anyone who call themselve a reputable business to have competent mechanics. I had to ride in the tow truck which was like 15feet high, but thank God for that.

I am comtemplating on a law suit to stop this kind of practice and disregards for peoples lives. I want to thank you for your attention.

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Call the Home Office in Philadelphia, and be sure to tell them that kind of horrible service never happens in Dallas Texas. Or Come to my Dallas Stores and we will fix you car for free.


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