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On Saturday, March 31, 2012 I went to drop my car at Pep Boys Auto located at 10899 Folsom Boulevard Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, the person who took care of me was Scott, the store manager, the service I requested was to replace the rear rotors, I left my car at 9:00 AM and when they called me to let me know about the work that needed to be done, Scott mentioned that besides the rotors I needed to replace the "Hardware Kit" for the rotors., I agreed to the additional work but when I picked my car up they told me that my driver side tire had a bubble in it, I made the payment and left and went to the place I had bought the tire from, at the time they were replacing the tire I requested to rotate the tires but it was noticed that a bolt/lugnut was broken/stripped and Pep Boys had just worked on my rear rotors, So first Pep Boys broke the rear bolt that the lugnuts screw on to, and it was obvious because the bolt was not all the way on. This could have been a huge emergency hazard, if I was to get a flat somewhere I would NOT be able to change my tire.

I went back to Pep Boys and told them that the bolt was broken and they needed to fix the issue, when they removed the tire to fix the bolt I noticed that the part mentioned to be replaced was not installed so I mentioned it to them and they said they would look into it. I can't believe Pep boys of all places, charged me for work they did not do. I've seen this on TV numerous times, and that's why I choose to go to a "reputable" establishment, however the quality of work and trust was the same as going to an independent unknown shop. I mentioned this to one of the store personnel, after about 30 mins.

of looking for Scott, who seemingly disappeared they apologized and kept reinstating that they have now fixed the broken bolt. (That they broke). Then after about 30 more mins. of figuring out how to handle the situation, they came to me with an offer of giving back the money they charged for the Hardware Kit, and an additional $50, to just go away quietly (that was my take on it) I was totally disappointed and upset at this point.

I can't believe Pepboys is no better than any other rip-off shop. And if I didn't get the chance to check the part, I would have never known. I was totally livid. So, at that point I asked for another reasonable accommodation, since they not only lost my trust, but also broke the law in the process.

I asked that since I had a bad tire, for them to replace it at a discount (NOT FREE). OMG. Then Scott, (fast talking, wide eyed, appeared to be half drunk) proposed changing two tires at a huge employee discount of $235 or so…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I could buy 2 brand new tires for less than that. HE WAS A DISGRACE, After 5 hours of being at Pepboys, this was the best they could do, my boyfriend was very upset at this point and just told them to keep their tires. We attempted to get higher management involved and per Scott, there was no higher management. That was it!!!

ARE YOU KIDDING me, they are ripping off people and if they get busted they are offering $50 to go away, and I'd had no recourse. I will never ever go back to Pepboys and I will warn everyone I know, to be aware of the practices they are doing, at least at the Rancho Cordova Store, but you never know how prevalent this practice may be. I mean if the store manager is doing it, who else might be doing it in the corporation. Scott didn't seem to care and he was not taking any responsibility for the issue with my car at the time of service, some of the other supervisors were trying to fix the issue and offer me services to compensate for the mistake they made and for damaging the car without telling the customer.

I expected more at Pep Boys but I am so disappointed at this time. They don't seem reliable plus they were trying to rip me, and potentially other customers off.

Disappointed Ex-Customer.

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:cry :grin :cry

And this suprises you how?

They pay mechanics bare minimum,dont expect anybody with much experience working on your brakes.

I've been to PB and have had to tell the parts people about parts...

They try,ill give them that but theyre not very experienced at the main level....

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