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Had 2,000 work on my car done! Had radiator flush done and the flush they put in EAT-up Aluminium radiator in a Chev Beretta and rushed my radiator mixed fluids!!!!!!

the part#5070708 MOC multi-treatment has acid neutralizers,and added alkaline reserves!!!!!! My car sitting for 3mouths with inc.....Got 5 in my family!!!! need fixing!!!!!

or if u can help would be great!!!!!! made phone calls to get it fix one man said"your car is a peace of ***." then called again and they said" they did break it take it up with moc." But pep boys is the one who put it in my car???????

Monetary Loss: $3.

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why were you flushing out your radiator? if its not over heating or leaking just do a drain and fill.

no additives used. have you ever flushed it before? Did you by that car brand new?

what if the radiator was bad prior to coming in? when you do a flush it frees the radiator of any clogs, some clogs are what holds you radiator together....


Ya i just found out On my order They have a different part number then what is on the Receipt.Look at all your paper work over for any mistakes . They are going to Pay Big.


Pepboys's customers sevice is one of the worst in the country. Drop my car for a routine service and tires change, the guy asks me to come back 2 hours later to pick it up.

I returned just minutes shy of 3 hours for him to tell me they haven't done anything yet, that i should sit and wait another hour. How *** can that be?

I had to take a taxi to go back to work and back. I was going to pay over 600 dollars now i am cancelling the next appointment and will be using another company in the future.

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