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I went to Pep boys to have my air conditioner in my car checked since it was blowing hot air and has not worked since the end of last summer. I had a coupon that said I could have a free evaluation and it expired on May 29th.

The customer service rep. said that Pep boys are not checking air conditioners until after May 31.

Why do they have coupons saying to have your air conditioner checked by May 29th when they don't honor it.

It was a wasted trip for me to go there. I am not sure if I will bring it back in June since the coupon is expired by then.

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Coupons expire at the end of the month,something doesn't sound right with your coupon....The a/c coupon for this month is a 15% off on repairs not a free check....we know that your system has a leak in it...and has set empty for a nothing there will be will have to buy freon and evac and recharge just to find the leak..

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