Indianapolis, Indiana

we had 4 new tires put on my wife's suv. Drove 3 miles and one tire all the air was lost.

They said it was a o ring that was not on the new part they put on. Come to find out they broke my tire stem. Had to get a new one from dealer $100.00 Now the air low light is still on. I will never use you agin lost in fisher Indiana The tire went flat on the freeway trying to get back to the store to get a new tire put on.

They did bring me a air tank to put air in my tire to get back to their store.

after about a hour. I do not know how you stay open

Monetary Loss: $125.

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Pep boys is more strict about their procedures than the dealership is. If a tech does something wrong more than once in a 4 week period they are fired.

Newer tpms valve stems have a lot of problems breaking due to corrosion. A lot of times the corrosion is so bad on tpms sensors that I prefer to drill *** in the tire I am replacing so as to not do anything at all make the tpms worse. There are many ways to make the tpms light go off, depending on make and model, chevy products being the biggest pain.

I am sorry you had a rough time there, but please dont put all pepboys employees in the same boat. I have 5 ase's and a degree and take pride in my position and employer.


Yeah, not surprised that these clowns broke your valve stem while doing a basic tire replacement. Sounds hilarious but it isn't all that funny.

These garbage chain shops like Pep Boys, Tires Plus, Midas etc. hire the most incompetent pseudo-"mechanics" who could never get employed at real auto shops. These are the cast-offs, the lame-brains who know jack squat about cars, people who got fired at the real shops for messing up too many cars.

Their main goal is sales. Not fixing customer's cars.


so you had 4 new tires put on and one went flat. and they brought you an air tank to fill it up on the highway to get you back to the shop to fix it..

do you think they needed to bring you that air tank or were they trying to help you out, and get you back safe and repair it... with your attitude i would have left you on the side of the road and had you get it towed in to fix it..with all the tires that these shops change every day. *** happens....

sounds like they went out of their way to help you.. and your mad at them..

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