My husband is able to fix any mechanical problem a vehicle might encounter, however he has been busy and thought he would take our vehicle to the local PepBoys on a Friday. They told my husband they could fix what he needed.

BUT then all of a sudden they couldn't. The mechanic

riped the heat shield off from the manifold. He stated that the bolts were broken and it would be a special order and that we would have to wait till Monday. So my husband got new tires and watched them put the tires on and they did not push the rim tight before they tightened the lug nuts up.

Hopefully this is not an every day occurance!Then they came out and said he needed a new batery. My husband siad NO and he popped the hood and the ground cabel was loose? They seem to be lazy and not willing to go the extra mile, and are not as knowledgeable as we had expected from this company.

Maybe it was just not our day and we had the wrong worker?? I hope so!!

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No. believe me this happens in all pepboys stores.

i should know. believe me.

i would not trust my car to their stores no matter how much of a discount i get. ITS NOT WORTH IT!!


YOU CAN'T SPELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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