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Resolved: Pep Boys in Sacramento, California - Failed to hookup battery correctly

The only two businesses that worked on my battery were two Pepboy locations. The first location was in Tulsa Ok on Admiral Blvd. I had a dead battery and they replaced it. Car drove fine for the next 3-4 years. I then started having battery problems. I took it to the second location on 47th Street in sacramento Ca. They also diagnosed a failing battery. Told them to fix it. During the next month I returned twice due to having battery problems. I was able to jiggle the wires to get the car started. The first time they said that they had fixed it. Within a week the battery wasn't working. Took it in again. They said they had fixed it and my car was ready to go. Went out to the car turned the key and nothing happened. I was still in the store parking lot. I was mad. The store manager came out and looked at the problem. He supervised the mechanic in fixing it. The car started. During the next year I frequently had conection problems. I had moved to Saint Louis. I would pop the hood and retighten the post connection. Finally that solution didn't work. Called a mobile repair service for help. The repairman came out and took out the battery and fixed the connections. The problem is that they are no longer the original factory connections. At one of those two stores the mechanic took out the existing factory battery hookup and replaced it with a jury-rigged solution. Why? They probably didn't have the specific battery available and wanted to finish the job and get me out of there. Pepboy took a short cut and it has cost me time money and been very frustrating. A simple battery replacement.
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