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From my personal experience I recommend you spend a little more money and take your car somewhere safe. Please DO NOT take your car to the Redlands Pep Boys!

They will damage your car, and their horrendous customer service will not help you resolve it. Avoid them at all cost, Please! This was the worst tire buying transaction I have ever experienced, and I have been driving since I was 16, I’m 37 now. I should have read the reviews and not worried so much about the money.

I could have spent $40 dollars more and I had it done by professional, but instead I went cheap and ended up paying for it badly. First I brought my car in at 11am on Mother’s Day and they said it would be done by 3pm. It wasn’t ready until after 6pm, and I was late to a family dinner. I drove my four new tires straight home after the service and parked my car overnight.

The next morning I went to work and as I back out of my parking spot I heard a loud squeaking noise in my front tires. Every time I slowed to a stop while in my parking lot it would cause this loud noise. A noise I have NEVER heard before on my car. I called Pep boys and explained the situation, and told them I could not make it that evening, but I could bring it in the following day.

Then next day, the same exact thing. The loud squeaking started as I began driving, and after work I drove it straight to Pep Boys. I talked to the same representative that helped me the first time, and he went on a ride along to recreate the noise. With him in the car we were able to hear the squeak.

I explained the situation again and he said he would have his mechanic take a look. He told me it would take about 30 minutes. An hour and a half later I finally spoke with the mechanic. He told me he could not find anything and he even said maybe it could be the “weather” creating the sound.

I did not have time to argue so I asked him to bring me my car. When that same mechanic brought my car around, while sitting in my driver seat driving my car with the radio off, he clearly duplicated the loud squeaking noise. And I said “right there, did you hear that, that’s what I’m talking about.” And the mechanic said he did not hear ANYTHING. He pulled forward again and it caused the same squeak, but again he lied and said he could not hear it.

He created it a third and final time and I told him “I know you can hear that, why are you saying you can’t.” And he continued lying to my face saying he couldn’t hear anything. I was so angry, I grabbed my keys, didn’t say another word and left. I called the customer service line and I was told an Area Director would be calling me in 24 hours, but two day later I never got a call. So I called the customer service line again, and they told me the Area Director would be calling me the next day.

Two days after that I received a call from the “store manager,” and I told him I was expecting an Area Directors call days ago. The only solution the Redlands store manager could provide was for me to bring my car back to their location for them to take a look. I spoke with 6 different people while I was trying to resolve this, and not one of them express any concern for my situation or a sense of urgency to make it right. I will never use another Pep Boys for as long as I am being the wheel of a car, and I will make sure to let anyone I talk to about car services to stay away from them as well.

I can’t express how disappointed I am with their company.

So again, buyer beware, and if you HAVE to use a Pep Boys, don’t use the Redlands location. Good luck on your services and drive safe.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Tire Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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