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Checked online for the battery I needed and went to local Pepboys to perchase and install. Watched from a dirty waiting room with holes in ceiling and watched service tech.

do nothing for an hour, not knowing he was the one who was going to install the battery. He brought the van in and took out the battery and went into store, 20 minutes later I went in to see what he was doing. I found him talking to three other workers and when he saw me he went in the back for the battery which then took him 10 minutes to find. Watched him put in the battery and shut the hood.

Another 10 minutes before he drove it around front. Waited 15 minutes before they called me up to pay. I went outside to find the battery cover which I had on my old battery was not on and the felt pads they charged me was not on the terminals. Went back in and asked why cover was trashed and he came back and said it didn't fit the new battery, ok, how about the pads I was charged for?

He said their on there.

Took him out to look under the hood and said he must have forgotten to put them on, and he would have him put them on. I said just give me them and I would put them on..He spent 5 minutes looking for them and I thanked him and left feeling like I would explode

Monetary Loss: $135.

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Staten Island, New York, United States #833183

Pep Boys, 1941 Forest Avenue Staten Island, NY 10303. Returned a battery that was two years old.

Was told it was a good battery. Battery wouldn't start my car, or take a charge with my battery chargers. Spoke with technician, he told me battery was overcharging because of bad alternator. I mentioned the car is an antique and is hardly driven.

He blamed the bad battery on my trickle charger. Peep Boys replaced the battery. When I placed the battery in the car, it wouldn't start. I checked the battery with my load tester and battery was weak.

I also put battery on my charger and it wouldn't take a charge. I brought battery back to Pep Boys and again was told battery was good. I was also told that I have a short in my car and by trying to start the car I ruined the battery. I walked out of the store.

I told them I was going to sears to purchase a die hard and if my car started I would write bad reviews about the store. My car started and this is the first of a series of bad reviews I will be writing on the Pep Boys on Forest Avenue, Staten Island.

I wouldn't buy a Pep Boys battery. Not sure what their game is, something isn't right with their handling of their pro start batteries.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #798106

You sir are an ***!

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