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Went to Pep Boys last week to purchase tires based upon their ad that I could purchase 4 tires and get 1 free. I told the Asst.

Service Mgr thats the deal I wanted and he wrote up the invoice. I took 4 tires to them in another vehicle and they mounted the tires on the rims and balanced them. They gave me the paperwork to submit for the rebate. A week later I get a post card that because they didn't charge me for road hazard I was denied the rebate.

This was never mentioned to me when I purchased the tires and was under the impression everything was included. I even put the tires on the car myself. Today at the West Windsor store they give me half of the rebate back but don't give me the road hazard warranty.

Essentially I paid for it. This is a scam.

Monetary Loss: $55.

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Best way to wake up these SCAMMER companies is to file an online complaint with your state attorney.

It's quick and free, and if the state has lots of complaints on that company, they can investigate and even drag them into court, and that's the LAST THING the company wants.

I've done this ten times, and 9 times the company complied. Good luck!


Well...after doing the math, the $28/tire surcharge for the "package" including warranty, and then getting the price of one tire rebated, I found I'd save $18, over just buying 4 tires (with balancing) and no warranty. So, it's $18, but....


I got the same 3 for 4 package deal in february and everything was fine until I went to another Pepboys which is closer to me for balance and rotate under there warranty.

They refused to do it and told me it was a one time deal and I have to pay another $62.00 if I want it done. I had my receipt with the warranty on it but they still refused.


William Johmson's Pep Boys should teach my Pep Boys.


I may have somewhat of a similar problem. I purchased 4 truck tires with the understanding I would receive the price of one tire back as a rebate in about six weeks.

I don’t have my receipt in front of me but it seems like it may have been six months ago and still no rebate. I must confess that I was leery when I decided to buy tires from Pep Boys. I have had dealing with this bunch in the past and had to contact my state AG’s Office. It must be the mentality of the company that rest with the service department and tire sales.

In my opinion many of their service department employees are thug like with pushy attitudes.

I should have known better but *** is as *** does. Don’t mind shopping in their stores but car repair or new tires I would think twice.


I am comforted that there are pleased customers with PepBoys; maybe its this small portion of their clientele thats still keeping them in business.

Personally, i would recommend everyone to just stay clear of this institution. I had a terrible experience, and faced a personal vendetta because i did not let them weasel me out of $300 for a part that I ultimately paid $130 for at the dealership.


I got 4 tires for the price of 3 and received my rebate plus they sent me a voucher for $20.00 they rotate my tires for free also any problems I ever had with a part they always responded for their warrantees with a smile try to get that at a tire shop or garage:)

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