Just like some of the other people on here, I too fell for the buy 3 tires get one free Pep Boys scam. I opted for the more expensive tires because ultimately they would cost the same as the lower-end tires, after the rebate.

I submitted for the rebate and I received a card a few weeks later stating "Installation Package must include Road Hazard Warranty". Nobody at the store disclosed this to me. I called the number on the post card. Spoke to both a rep and the supervisor.

Both were useless and told me to take it up with the store.

I'm thinking I'll file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General. This is deceptive advertising and it deserves a class action suit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I did some research this week on Pep Boys "deal" on the buy 3 tires get one free. When purchased online, the tires cost $116 each.

When purchased at Pep boys the tires cost $153 each. The price for 4 tires online = $464. The price for 3 Tires at Pep Boys = $459. Pep Boys upcharges roughly $111 for their 4th "Free" tire.

My "FREE" tire will actually cost $111 at Pep Boys.... Laughable...



The exact same thing happened to me. Once I looked at the receipt I saw I was charged $28 per tire for their "road side warranty". I took this up with the manager indicating I didn't ask for this and he replied it was required to redeem the 4th free tire.


Nothing is for free

Stockbridge, Georgia, United States #928715

Me too 174.00 and I kept one tire and they still charged me the disposal fee.they called today for a customer survey and when I told him I was very displeased and why they hung up


That's sucks. Too bad for them.

Detroit, Michigan, United States #760769

Yeah yeah yeah. Read the form.

I know you think someone else should do that for you.

Maybe you should hire a lawyer to read for you. All tire rebates at pep boys are very specific.

Hampton, Virginia, United States #759264

Brought tires from Pep Boys and after reading the comments I feel lucky. I received the pep boy rebate along with the falkin tire rebate for a total of $189.00. I was thinking about going back to Pep Boys for tires for my infiniti, but reading the comments i'm beginning to have second thoughts.


thanks for the caution notes. going elsewhere now.


Got good tyres and got rebate. Trouble is, it is a PepBoys Visa card and only good for 3 months.

Can I buy another tyre and take it back for cash? I would bet NOT! We will think of something, regardless.

But we will not trust them again. Matter of fact, just who can we trust these days???


This buy 3 get one FREE is a scam. I did everything they told me to do at the store and my rebate was declined because I did not buy the $70.00 road hazard warranty, which the store rep told me I did not have to do.

I will never darken their doors again. They are just bait and switch people, a real rip off.


Most of the gripes and groans I read are justified to a degree. PepBoys, like any auto repair/retail sales org is in business to make money.

Since the company has grown so large, like any other business of it's kind, it's going to experience the pros and cons of professional employee service. Very few businesses that have grown to become nationwide from coast to coast offer flawless service. As Americans we too have developed expectations that all businesses should offer perfect service in every way. Businesses like McDonalds, and those of it's kind are unique and must maintain exceptional standards due to govt regulations in selling food products to the public, or they will be shut down.

Some states grade restaurants with an A or B in the window. Non-food sales related businesses DO NOT have to hold to similar standards. This is why we the consumer must be so cautious and adamant about requesting information regarding sales promotions. It's unfortunate when some companies restrict facilities for employee use; however, keep in mind once employees have full run of a facility, there's usually one guy out there who screws it up for the rest of the team, nationwide.

Not all people feel they need adhere to a standard discipline. This is an issue worldwide in any business. About this claim in being "Ripped-Off," there should have been an explanation of rebate requirements stipulated somewhere on the form. I am now looking at the same deal at a Pepboys near me.

The form shows the tire brands and models included in the promotion. The warranty is also indicated on the form. I would think you used the same form to request your rebate. I would simply request to pay the road hazard warranty so I may be eligible for the rebate.

Apparently, it was not made clear at the time you made said purchase of 4 tires that you were required to purchase the warranty. You obviously did not have the opportunity to read the rebate form before making a decision. I specifically asked the store manager about the rebate process and he took the time to find the rebate form, which I did read and questioned when I read about the specific model tires included in the promo. I was not informed about this.

I could have been screwed right there if I bought any tire type. I have not bought the tires yet and I'm still skeptical. I'm not thrilled with the tire selection, and there are other promotions out there to be had. Apparently, Michelin is kicking-off a "Buy 3 get 4th for $1" promo beginning Apr2012 at Nissan dealers.

I learned this from an on-line OEM Nissan Parts Dealer. Best advice: Raise your self-preservation and awareness senses. Don't mean to be negative; however, this is a dog-eat-dog world.

Most of the 3rd world swims in corruption and screwing your neighbor. We're not in Kansas Toto, and I don't think we ever were!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #406904

As I said before, if you think the customer gets ripped off, try working for these schmucks. One thing to watch out for they want their service writers to charge a $90.00 diagnotic fee on virtually EVERYTHING, even when the problem is completly obvious.

It's just another way of gouging the customer for another 100 bucks.

Also, this is the first auto service company that makes it's employees pay for the priviledge of working on their own vehicles, when their shifts are done, and if there is an unused bay. What a bunch of money-grubbers.


the service writer should have told you about the road hazard warranty, it is required for the rebate, I would call the corporate phone number and start there

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #399499

If you think its bad takingv your vehicle to them, you ought to try working for these schmucks. Thanks to the economy, I was forced to take a job with them, after working at real auto service facilites for more than 10 years.

their whole pay structure for both mechanics and service advisors encourages over selling, and in the short time there, I have seen more mistakes ande botched reopairs, (never owned up to, of course), more uneeded work, more taking advantage of state vehicle inspections, and more actual arguements with customers, than in all my years experince combined. If you think you have been ripped off, don't waste your time with the BBB, as they have no actual authority. Instead call your STATE (not local police, or Highway Patrol, or state Attorny General's office and ask to talk to the Vehicle fraud division, even if they can't help you directly they work on the assumption of where there's smoke, there's probaly fire, and if there are enough complaints, they will launch an investigation.

or call the local TV station, talk to their consumer advocate. These companies hate bad publicity, particularly if it gets to a national program like 60 minutes or 20-20.


When you are the consumer and you are paying for a service, wouldn't you ask details of everything your paying for? Don't blame the store, or in this case the company as a whole, if you didn't do your research.


Rude customer service!! why in the *** I settle for this garbage while I am paying big $$.

I got ripped off battery warranty, I got ripped off my rebate buy 3 get 1 off!!

the guy was a Jew aslo, he didn't even care!!!

Bottom line shame on me because I was fckd twice! Never again.


I will never go there anymore because I bought the 3 for 1 free and was denied my rebate!


These Jew boy *** have been bending consumers over for years. Surprised they are still around. Even more surprised that consumers haven't wised up to these schlocks.


IT'S CALLED DUE DILAGENSE!!!!!!! Don't blame others for your lack of!!!


They never put oil in my car after I had service there. The engine burned up.


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