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so i got sucked in to the great buy 3 get the 4th tire free deal at pep boys. the guy that sold me the tires gives me the paper work to fill out and send.

so i got a card in the mail stating that the rebate is being declined. why? the purchase date on the receipt is not within the valid dates of this offer. gee how can that be when they have signs on the walls that say 4 for 3 every day.

pep boys gave me the paper work to fill out.

how could it be the wrong dates? just another rip off place

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Rebate.

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There is a way to fix the rebate form problem. Just go up to the store and present it to the manager and have them call in for you since you can not read the number on the postcard and once they call it will be amended and u can get your money back for the tire. It probably could've been done by phone too, which would've taken less time than posting this *** complaint.


Consumers are really wrong about a lot. YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU FILL OUT OR SEND IN A REBATE.

There is a phone number and a website on the form. Also the postcard they mail has a phone number to call in case of error. That's why there is a step in the instructions that says make a copy of ALL Submitted rebate materials before mailing them. My goodness, what do you expect if you do not follow the steps?

You think we should buy you tires also?

Get real and READ. or ask questions if you don't get it!!!!!!


I bought one tire and got one fixed. I didn't drive my car all week.

When I got in it, the same one that they fixed was 10 PSI low. as it turns out, they put a small hole in my sidewall while fixing it.

I went to Discount for a new one. I don't reccommend anyone go there.


We too suffered from stupidity....if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Mine is one step up, I bought the tires offered in the promotion, the guy filled out the paper work for me, we got the rebate back stating we bought the wrong tires!!!!!GO FIGURE!

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