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I had 4 tires put on my daughters car for $93 each. That should have been $372 plus tax, but I was getting the $93 for one tire back.

The caveat is you are required to purchase the tire installation package to get the rebate. That's $110 to balance and mount 4 tires on a Scion. You have to spend $110 to get a $93 rebate. To top it off the tires were generic for this price.

This is as bad as when my wife went to Sears for brake pads and was told they were "preloaded on the calipers" and had to be purchased in sets.

$1000 bill for $75 brake pads.

Find an honest company and stick with them. PEP BOYS is not one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Rebate.

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I did some research this week on Pep Boys "deal" on the buy 3 tires get one free.When purchased online, the tires cost $116 each.

When purchased at Pep boys the tires cost $153 each. The price for 4 tires online = $464.

The price for 3 Tires at Pep Boys = $459. Pep Boys upcharges roughly $111 for their 4th "Free" tire.

My "FREE" tire will actually cost $111 at Pep Boys....Laughable...



Actually, he's dead on. I realize it's tough to swallow when you get duped because you didn't ask the right questions beforehand or failed to read the print but this is common practice when you get a coupon like this.

What you failed to mention are the additional services you received that you would have otherwise neglected. You received much more even with the coupon than you would have had otherwise if you paid for all 4 tires at retail.

You still received a better deal.


You sir are retarded.


They gave you a total estimate before you agreed, and I'd you want the rebate there are stipulations. You should thank them because you would have declined the road hazard and would be ineligdeable for the rebate.

Also, Pep Boys does offer free mounting, but it you decline balancing, or stems your mileage warranty is only void and your overall warrant 90 days. The "generic" tires they sold you were either made from Cooper or Hankook, but under Pep Boys private label.

If you go to Applebee's and ask for the 2 for $20 meal, don't *** when they bring out a desert.


Next time pay the $372 and have them put the tires in the trunk. Do you work for free? :upset


You are completely missing the point and overstating the obvious. Of course I expected a fee to have them mounted.

Are you saying $110 is reasonable? Charging for items that were not requested is also highly unethical. It's not a matter of reading the invoice.

Its a matter of expecting honesty and credibility as the basis of any business transaction. How is it possible that you can be so obtuse as to not comprehend these fundamental tenets of good business.

to Hey waaa waaaa #858215

110 is not unreasonable for mounting and balancing four tires honestly...


Hey meatball you have to pay to have tires mounted and balanced anywhere cheapskate....do you possess your own tire machine? Did you ask about this before you signed a work order? Sounds like you should have checked into this first...most places make you purchase an alignment to get this kind of a deal :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


What am i crying about? Being tacked on such a large dollar item without asking if I wanted it.

Lifetime rotate and balance? That's 1 rotation. Road hazard insurance? Covered in my insurance policy.

What should i have asked as a customer? "Are you going to rip me off or just charge me for what what I ordered?" Does that really need to be said? How about next time you ordr a meal at a restaurant , they bring you a dessert you didn't ask for and add it you your bill.

***. Learn logic and ethics.


U are right it is only $372 plus tax and that's if u walk out the door with them no one said u absolutely had to get them installed..... what are u crying about anyway?

Lifetime rotate and balance plus road hazard warranty.... sounds like u need to ask more questions before u buy

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