Chicago, Illinois

pepboys in lansing couldnt changed a tail light on a 2007 nissan maxima. The tech broke my tail light and tried too say somebody else broke it.

I looked at the light right before i brought it in. This is my second incident with pepboys one time they charged me for a battery that they didnt put in my car. I have lose all trust in that company i will never take my car too them.

I will not recomend them too my worst enemy. They are liers and crooks and if i cant trust them on simple things like that they will never do any major work on my car

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And don't forget, we charge over $100 and hour and we employee mechanics for $7.00 or $8.00 and hour. You think they care about your car.

We sell you the cheapest, most guaranteed to fail parts we can find and we call it dealer quality.

Yeah we do good for ourselves. hahahaha


:p lol! u people are so retarded !!

what about all the good things they do? stay open late open seven days a week will match anyone's price .

if your broke down late at night and out of town who do u think will stay there and get u back on the road! and your crying about a broking piece of plastic , come on now!



Pepboys the Bottom Feeders of the Auto Industry Strike Again.


Learn to spell tail light person. Then you can complain all you want :)

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