Mission Viejo, California
Not resolved

Note, prior brake work done at this store was done well, two years ago.

My complaint: Pep-Boys, store # 0809, made errors in the adjustment of my Rear Brakes causing the linings and drums to become overheated and to "Glaze." This, in turn, may have caused undue stress on the newly rebuilt front brakes, rebuilt by this same store on that same day.

Pep-Boys refuses to rebuild this trucks rear brakes at my expense. And now this same store is saying that the trucks front brakes need new calipers because one is sticking. I asked why the sticking caliper wasn't brought up when they inspected and rebuilt those same brakes a few weeks ago. The service writer changed the subject and would not answer that question.

My feeling is that their tech may have damaged the caliper when he replaced the front brakes. I feel that they either found the problem when they checked the brakes the second time, less than 300 miles later, or they already knew the damaged caliper was there, refusing to do anymore work on my brakes because they didn't want to eat the costs for the damage.

Safety issue, because of the way this was handled I now need to take this truck to another garage and have all the brakes re-inspected and fixed properly.

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Don't take your car in here. They are no reliable.

I had brake issues too. The guy forgot to put the metal plate on.

I had to take my car to Toyota and purchase a new shoe kit which Pep boy threw away. No more Peb boy.


My experience with PepBoys is I would not let them oil the chain on my bicycle. They are about even par with WalMart TLE Techs.

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