I had a problem with my car in front of Pepboys on Davis Hwy.Pensacola,Fl.So they pushed car inside bay and damaged back drivers side on my 1967 GTO.The night manager said they could fix it the next day as good as new.They claimed to fix the battery, however the wiring was left exposed. the charge was &70.00.

they didn't fix body damage on the car because the manager said he did not have the right tools. he and i contacted the claims dept and company said they were not responsible.

now i am left with a damaged car and if the problem isn't

resolved i will take my car to the car shows and place a note on my car stating damage due to pep boys.

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I have a 69 c10 , took to pep boys only to put on some tires. I thought hey anybody can put on tires but the scratched the paint bad on every one of my rims.

ya I shouldn't go to pep boys but live and learn. anyway the manager said they would pay for it but then back out and said paperwork was lost. just like every other story I hear.

the customer service line isn't good either. big thumbs down to the pep boys!


I work at a "GENERAL REPAIR SHOP" and work on a lot of CLASSIC CARS(MG, 60's AND 70'S MUSCLE CARS, KIT CARS, DUNE BUGGIES, ETC.) AND OwN A 67 MUSTANG, to say that a "GENERAL REPAIR SHOP" can not repair a classic car is nuts. Everyone starts off somewhere. And to the man with the GTO if you complain to customer service and dont get anywhere going to or threating to go to court sometimes works.


What the *** are you taking a 67 Pontiac GTO into any *** shop for. You do not deserve to own a car like this if you are *** enough to let any general repair shop touch a muscle car car. I own a 70 SS 396 Chevelle, and nobody but me or a specialty shop with a very good reputation touches it.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #59337

ni66a you ***.


And I will go to those car shows and use your back seat as a urinal. Toodles.

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