Plano, Texas

Actually i wish to confirm that after contacting corp Pep Boys, they agreed to repair my blown, distroyed,over heated engine---completely repaired

and to my total satisfaction---

so, if your right and your know it, don't stop complaining--ever--to everyone.

Thanks to you guys for airing my complaint back in December 08. This work was done in El Paso, Texas.

Thanks again, my name is M. Brown in El Paso, Texas and the repair work was done by the gateway west and I10 freeway store--Upon their honoring the warranty, I will go back and business as usual

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So what is wrong with the color BLUE? I mean did they charge for the paint?

Did you charge the dudes at the bar for the paint?

:sigh I mean look at this poor sad guy.... Probably blew it....


Actually, the replacement motor blue up too.


"blue up my engine"

That's funny because i heard you "blue" a bar full of dudes last night. I hope you never come back because your breath smells like bleach.

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