Pensacola, Florida
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Had car hauled in tues eve. They called me wed 7:30AM I went to store @ 1:30 to get car.

They had not even rec"d the parts from World Ford. After my 2 calls and their calls to world ford. The mgr finally sent someone to get parts. Arrived back @ 3:30.

I finally got out around 5:30. by then very pissed. overcharged on labor I know the mechanic did not take over 2 hours to finish the repairs.

I watched the guy from beginning to end of replacement. Very poor mgt and control over ee's I planned to make bank deposit before closing but could not because of continuous delays.

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Ur crazy for taking ur car to the dealer. take it to pep boys; its faster, cheaper and.......oh wait a minute, ur a ***

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