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I bought a set of four struts from Pepboys in Hesperia, California., they came with a life time warranty.

At the time of purchase the cashier took my personal information and entered it into their system, I asked what's the reason for taking this info, ie. name, address, phone etc.

She replied that it was for the warranty in case I lost my receipt.

Less than a year later I went back to return one of the struts which had gone bad and the response I got was, "I'm sorry, we don't have any info on any struts that I purchased.

This is only one of a few incidents which includes the service department that I won't go into much detail about and the include a stripped spark plug thread in a cylinder head, a clutch job which now makes a ticking noise when i come to a stop and over four hours to change two tires.

i can understand one, maybe two hours, but they took it upon themselves without my permission to check other things like brakes, fluid levels, belts and hoses and so forth when all I came in for was two tires.

Beware of Pep Boys Be VERY AWARE! Their business practices are dubious at best.

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we are trained to *** you!!!!!!!!!


pby employee, you've just gone one step further in proving your company's dubious business ethics. first of all, why take any info from the consumer?

secondly, why offer such a bogus warranty? and third, photo copy my receipt. i was under the impression i needed the original if i needed one at all. if your company cared about their customers they would honor the warranty that your products imply.

case in point, i bought a set of drive axles from NAPA auto parts in Hesperia, CA., lifetime warranted, installed them and a few months later had to return one and guess what! it wasn't a PROBLEM


all negative reviews are true. i used to work for this poorly run company and they are terrible.

they will take your last dime and not fix the car correctly. please please please do not do business with this company.

you will be sorry. one of the reasons you get such bad service is that the pay there people so little.


oh no they DONT! pepboys does NOT pay ANY commision!

none! at all!

unlike dealerships, firestone, maybe goodyear ( but i think goodyear stopped commision some years ago) and MANY other repair shops. but NOT PEPBOYS!

get your facts straight as the employee stated


and in response to "matt on long island" u have no idea what your talking about. some companies may pay their mechanics on commision but not pep boys, they get paid a flate rate and nothing else. you should also get ur facts straigh b4 making an *** out of yourself on a public forum.


well if u would have actually read ur receipt it states that the shocks come with a lifetime LIMITED warranty. that cover manufacturer defects, not normal wear and tear which can very easily and commonly ocur on a strut in a whole year.

if warranties covered normal wear and tear then customers would never have to buy anything again and all parts stors would go out of business. so next time instead of complaining try and get ur facts straight first and if u were smart u would photocopy ur receipt and file it, not depend on a computer system.


pep boys quoted me double what a private mech.did the job for.the mechanics get paid a commision for every dollar extra theysell or 'find'.

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