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called the glen burnie, md pep boys to have front bearings changed on honda accord and have drums replaced at the same time. there should be no additional labor charge for placing the drums since the bearings would be placed right back into the old ones.

but the manager in glen burnie insisted that it would be additional 0.5hr of labor (determined by corporate) when several mechanics have told me that there should be no additional labor charge; just pay for the drums.

i would rather pay more somewhere else just for the principal of it all. thanx for your time.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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When Terry had a group metting at the store and made the statement, we have to work as a team. Good statement and good outlook of getting this company turned around.

Trouble is, not enough team players. Hate to say it, but that comes from top management on down. It's not easy when you do not have the cooperation of certain individuals. I also think service dept.

could be changed for the better. If you want my ideas or opinion, just call. Upper management might not like what I have to say, but if you are not open to suggestions, than you are not much of a manager. I have been around a long time and been in alot of different situations, and working with management clear to the top, we got things done that way, and I think Pep Boys could use some help in certain areas.

I have been with this company for nine years and over the years I have tried to do what is best for the co.Some individuals that I work for do not agree. I have been saying what I think and some of management don't like what I have to say, but a least I might have put an idea in their head that might make a difference. Making a difference that will benifit the corp. you earn your livelyhood from, that counts for something.

I guess I said enough. There are other areas that should be addressed, but that's another time.

I had the work done for $350.00 total for parts and labor by an ASE certified mechanic. The car drives well with no noise and i'm satisfied. Thanks for all your comments and feedback :cry

You said they charged you extra for the labor to replace the drums. There are no bearings on a drum brake system.

So if the bearings were on the front and drums are on the rear of the car you should have been charged extra for the service. And why were only the drums replaced did you ask for that service.


first you dont have to take the rotors off to do the front wheel berrings on an accord unless it is newer than a 97. i am in upstate ny and everything rusts and it can be a pain to get the rotors off. second you dident have to approve the work, you could have declined it and brought it to another shop.

You obviously don't read much because the word is spelt fool! Obviously dealing with someone that is below my education, payscale, and mental level.

Thanks for your imput and I think Books-A-Million will be having a book sale this weekend (weekend = saturday and sunday just incasee you don't know what that means).

Pick up "Reading for Dumbies" and "Spelling For The Beginning Reader." 8) . Like the Asian guy said in the movie Boys In The Hood (since you claim to be from the hood), "I'm sorry for your mother."

Books is for white people foo! We keep it real in the hood. If all the other mechanics jumped off of a bridge would you do it too?


Just want people to know what kind of service is being offered so that we can all be informed consumers and curtail shady business practices.

Selargius, Sardinia, Italy #58429

Pep Boys comes on this website and writes trashing comments after people complain about them. Just one more reason not to patronized them.


Glad you understand my situation and I hope others will stick to their principles as I have.


Unfortunately Zbunting...the last time i checked, Honda Accords have never had a drum brake setup on the front. You have rotors.

But I do agree that if the front bearings were being replaced then there should NOT be a charge for putting the new rotors on! So with that said.....way to stick by your principles.


Everything i'm talking about pertains to the front, nothing to do with the back. Read some books, grow up and learn how to speak to intelligent people when you respond.

All the other mechanics I have spoken to don't charge extra. You obviously work for Pep Boys, so thanks for your response.


your retarded. The front bearings have nothing to do with your rear drums.

They should charge you extra. Alot more than just 1/2 hour.

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