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I tried to buy not four but eight tires at the local Pepboys at 1006 New Britain Ave. in west Hartford Connecticut but guess what?

I couldn't do it. Why? I was paying in cash? But I was told that I had to either have the cars with me to do the work immediately or take the tires with me in my freakin trunk.

I was buying the tires for my wife and daughters cars for them to stop in the next two days for the installation. I had hoped to save them the problem of deciding what tires to have on their cars by buying them upfront. No deal. I was told this is against policy.

When I pressed, I was told by "Tony" that they never did this in case they had a car on the rack that needed additional work after they had started on the tires. Now these jerks already had me on the hook for alignments, stems, balancing and god knows what else but still not good enough. You decide, these *** wanted to hold two cars hostage for some additional BS work or charges.

Well guess what, Goodyear was happy to sell me eight tires accross the street. STEER CLEAR OF THESE CHEATS AND THEIR "POLICIES"

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Installation.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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the reason we do that is for you. your gonna pay today and come back in 2 days well guess what if u bring ur car in 2 days and it gets damaged in the shop and u call insurance 2 days later and said it happened on that day well then u have no proof ur car was in the shop that day cuz ur receipt is dated 2 days ago. and agreed with z


agreed this guy is an ***. It cant always go the way you want buddy


They do this because there is no other way to track the mileage warranty. How can they do this with out your car there?

Ans stems and balancing, you kinda need those...if your tires weren't balanced your car would shake all over the place. Yea good luck dumby...

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