As an employee of Pep Boys, I agree with mostly all of the complaints viewed here. At first they sucker you in the door with free this and free that.

Then we recommend *** that is not needed. ie... shocks and struts just because the mileage is over 75000. Air filter just because it is an add on.

Coolant flushes because it give the teck an hr. Pep boys cannot attract mechanics due to the low pay. All they have is part changers. The AD wants the managers to go out and find new talent.

HA thats a bunch of ***. hence bait and hook. do yourself a favor stay away from pepboys. Go to Advance or the zone for parts.

Pep boy parts are defective on the shelf and service is a rip off.

I know i work there. Its our goal to rip you off

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Pep Boys Customer Care

3111 West Allegheny Avenue

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19132 Aril 18 2012.

On April 18/12, at about the 3:15 Pm., I went back and # RM 1440 GPS, Shop in

Store Address:

Pep Boys Tempe

1747 E Apache Blvd

Tempe, AZ 85281

(480) 967-7577,

purchased in Mesa AZ. One man said his name was Miguel in Tempe, behaved in a rude, even though the product was not locked as I buy it. I asked the name of his supervisor and told me that he is the manager and had no reason to give me that information.

I know maybe they will not call attention to this Michael, the first thought I had a bad day but the second occasion that Miguel, behaved very badly with customers, I'll put the complaint on Facebook. because people like the down-wasting and sales in a big store like Pep-Boys ...


Victor Torres.


68 year old my mom without me knowig took her camary in no start told her new time belt charged her 860$ when i got the balancer back it had be pryd off with bar in stead of puller she had to pay for mec *** mec forgot put new water pump on witch she also paid for when i asked for old pump couldnt find it here it is 4 week later water pump went took it back they told her its not there water pump cant honor warranty they blamed a 68 year fold woman of changing pump she now needs new time belt new water pump and they give it back to her in pices bbb needs to do something waitn for court date


Maybe you should find a job somewhere else if you life really is that bad. Typical of a person making min.

wage still living at home with their mommy and daddy!!! Amazing!

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