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My experience with PEPBOYS has not been good, I am sorry but I must complain because I feel that the administration is not doing a single thing to rectify these issue. I have heard from four (4) mechanic shops that PEPBOYS sells inferior products.

I had never believed it before but after I had to change my car battery for the fourth time in less then two years, I believe it now. PEPBOYS does honor their warranty true enough, but they will make you bleed before they exchange any product. This whole incident began in 2012 my factory battery died. In hindsight, I should have gone to the dealer and purchased a new battery there, but PEPBOY ( a little ways across the street from the dealer) had a big battery sale sign so I took the bait.

I paid $ 126.99 for a new battery. How was I supposed to know that four months later that same battery would die. When I drove up to the PEPBOYS store # 153 the assistant manager told me that all it needed was a charge, but I was not going to get a new battery. After an hour of back and forth with her the service man began to charge it.

When it reached 70% the General Manager noticed that the battery was leaking acid through a hairline crack and instructed the services person stop charging and give me a new battery. The assistant manager was very upset and blamed me for the crack. Luckily, a mechanic was passing by and told her that there was no way I could have caused that as it was a factory defect. So with some reluctance she gave me a new battery and I left.

Five (5) months later I returned because the battery just died. Taking my alternator with it, the alternator repair was $ 433.00. PEPBOY tried to charge the battery but it would not hold the charge, I was issued a new battery and four (4) months ago I returned. This time the mechanic told me the battery had a dead cell and he pointed to a huge bump on the side PEPBOYS did not even ask they just gave me a new battery.

Today 10/16/2014 PEPBOYS tested the battery and it was dead and not holding its charge. I was given a new one, however this time the gentlemen who helped me told me that all this time I had been give the wrong battery for my car, this is why all this was happening. I explained to him that the assistant manager had given me the second battery and then all other battery where view on screen to make sure they were up to specs with my car. but he said; well someone made a mistake along the line and gave you the wrong battery.

So, I am now "supposedly" using the right battery with a higher amp for my car.

Lets see what happens. By the way PEPBOYS will not refund my $126.99 so I am stuck with them unless I just want to throw that money away and by a real battery for a change.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $560.

Pep Boys Pros: Personel.

Pep Boys Cons: Assistant manager.

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A faulty battery isn't going to kill your alternator. It was more than likely your alternator was killing the batteries.


I'm going through the same thing. I purchased my battery from Pep Boys less than a year ago.

I had no warning, no dash indications, just wouldn't start.

I was told " it's Florida" the heat kills your battery!! This is the last penny they will get from me.


I'm on my 3 battery Bosch they barely last a year . Both had defects and leaked.

As long as they replace for free I'll go back. It'll be nice if it would last at least 3 years .


Pep Boys batterys are cheep garbage.The Bosch batterys that they push as being they're best are in fact they're worst batterys.They come with the longest warranty.This is just a way to get you coming back to them for a warranty battery and open your hood to sell you more services.They prorate the battery which is basically a rental fee they charge for the period that you had the battery.With this and the other charges they tack on to the bill they are making money on you.Remember these are cheap batterys that cost them allmost nothing and they charge you top dollar for.So of course you will be coming back to them if you otherwise wouldn't because you have a warranty with them.Now if they sell you a belt or find a coolant leak while replacing the battery then they hit a home run.They are open late and on sundays when most other shops are closed so you figure i'll go to Pep Boys,it only a battery.Now they got you hooked until you get rid of the car or the battery.If you want a really good battery then find an ACDelco battery dealer,you may pay a bit more for it and have to go a little out of your way to get one but chances are you will never have to replace the battery again.They never leak like most other batterys and i have seen one last for 16.yes 16 years before finally failing.If i had a choice between a used Delco battery for 10 dollars and a new Bosch battery for free i would pay the 10 dollars.

to anonymous #1426064

I am having the same problem with the Bosch battery. Battery keeps dying and they blame other electrical problems.

I am on my third battery having same issues. Garbage.

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