Stockton, California
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Dear Sir or Madam

I' Would llike To Expain the Experince was Hateful to Women they wanted to take me through thte Cleaner Especially as women Only Wanted an tire Repaired got more then Expected to be 15000 for repairs the Indian men was very rude unconcern and unprofessinal speaking to someone any kind of way i' will give you and good deal more lie having newer a' car they didn'ting replaced my tires nor give me any thing that wa there fault as checking my car before getting my tires and doing and alingmnet they are unskilled to cheat someone or set up me because my car was just fine before the car repair not its jaked and noneoperatable needed all kind of related work that wasn't needed now but, now i' need it i' was setup and ripe off at the same time why ? due to someone not acting stranged up to no good and do me in i' don't need someone takeing advantaged of doing things agasint my car as didin'ting need becaue its all way at the end and you cann't be in area as car being repaired why?

I' wan't them to take responsible replacing me my tires and given me some repairs work since they didn'ting do nothing right to correcting the problem before getting the tiere as ask.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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he probably couldnt understand what you wanted.


WTF are you for real no wonder they ripped you off. you can't even speak english

Goshen, Virginia, United States #27701

this is by far the worst attempt at english/a complaint/words/spelling etc etc i have ever seen. please dont ever try to type words again

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