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For a simple caliper replacement as a first time tourist in Destin, Fl, I was asked to pay $900+ by the Service advisor in May 2015. "We are safety oriented and I can't let you drive home 1300 miles without replacing both calipers, disks and pads" he said. I mentioned that all brakes and disk were replaced recently at Mavis Service Center in Buffalo , NY. but they didn't care.

A lot of promises made, including the reset of the dashboard "Low Tire Pressure" we're not fulfilled, and I was not told. The payment of the invoice was processed, I got the car keys, and surprise! The dashboard red warning Low Tire Pressure was still ON. When questioned about the dashboard warning was still ON and reset was not performed as promised, the service advisor and store manager presented a series of excuses and explanations. I was suggested to buy new wheel sensors, reprogram the computer...etc. " all at my expense and at some different service centers. "You don't want to open a can with worms" they said. "What do you mean? Drive home 1300 miles with the Low Tire Pressure warning ON? What if I have a real tire pressure problem driving 65 M/H. Is that safe? - I asked.

"There is nothing what we can do"..was the official answer.... I left very disappointed. I stopped in the hotel parking lot, and my wife opened the car manual from inside the dashboard. We followed two simple steps pushing two buttons , and the "Low Tire Pressure" was gone forever.......

How competent, safety oriented and professional are the Pep Boys Service Advisor and Manager in Destin, Florida ?....I let you judge. They ruined my vacation anyway.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $700.

I didn't like: Poor service provided, Attempt to overcharge.

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Seems like Pep boys suck everywhere. Don't do business with pep boys.

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