I called Pep Boys Birdroad,today July 22/2010 in the morning.I was waiting long time in the line after that the peson who answer the phone don;t let me explain my request he cuts my conversation an said: "I'm busy now , I have two clients here . I call you back give your phone number " and hnag off the phone .In Spanish : Te llamo p'atras, dame tu telefono .It's incredible .This person Never call me again . I need 4 tires for my car inmediatly and this person never call me back.This kind of service is very bad.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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So u never called back may be he forgot like you forgot to call back if he took to long .


This is funny as ***! I wish I was a customer service rep at pepboys so that I could print and frame this complaint.

It would make a *** of a conversation piece at the office.

I would carry it with me to the company conferences and events, I would show it to people as I introduce myself and say: "I deal with this type of stuff all day". I would contact this customer and say:"Oye guey no mames, quien te colgo para chingarmelo?"

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