Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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Serviced my 03 Chevy with the dealer until today 4/8/11.

Cost me over 600.00 for inspection. They put on 2 front tires & rear breaks.

Since I'm sick, I had my cousin take it to the Broomall store for me.

When he came home after 4 hrs of waiting for the job to be finished, he told me the emergency break would not hold.

I bought 2 new front tires & had rear breaks put on , PLUS oil chg. & inspection.

I had him bring it back for them to check it. I was told the "EB mechanism" was not right. After I asked him (CHRIS) what more it would cost to fix, he told me they couldn't fix it. NEEDLESS TO SAY, this is not over.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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pease tell me what PepBoys you used (address) - and do you know Chris's full name?

Thank you,


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