145 Shoemaker Road, Pottstown, PA 19464

Went to Pep Boys for new front brakes. Had previous pair installed at the same store. Was told that both brake calipers needed replacement. The passenger side caliper was supposedly repaired there the last time. One of the pistons was malfunctioning then and again now. Had both calipers replaced for $530 or so along with brake pads.

On leaving the store the brake pedal was almost to the floor. Also, 2 lug nuts on each front tire were only hand tightened. I had pulled over a block away from the store to check the torque on the nuts as I had a very bad and expensive experience at the beginning of the year. None of the lug nuts were properly torqued.

I returned to the store the following morning to complain about the brake pedal. The checked the brakes and bled the system. They then claimed that my master cylinder was bad and needed replacement and that was the root of the problem. I never had this problem before. The estimated repair (parts only) was approximately $540.

I wasn't going to spend any more money on this vehicle so I left. Driving out of the parking lot the brakes were fine. The pedal was back to where it originally was before all this. At the time of this review (and 50 miles later) the brakes feel just fine. I can only conclude that they never bled the brake system after replacing the calipers. Also, the front lug nuts were not torqued again and the hose clamp on vacuum line going to the master cylinder wasn't on.

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