Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I went to PEP BOYS at 1201 South Broad St.,Philadelphia, Pa., to have my brake pads (disc brakes) replace, on all four wheels of my '98 Isuzu Rodeo. Just the pads no other work.

The brake pads cost $84.98 (OK a little much but it comes with a "Limited Life Time Warranty),plus $27.10 "SHOP CARGERS??" and $29.36 taxes.However the labor cost for an hour's work was $ 255.00, total $ 396.44, "REALLY !!". Some Medical Doctors don't make that in an hour.

*** If I knew labor would cost me that much, I would have put the *** THINGS ON myself. So if you have to go to "them", ask for parts & "LABOR COSTS".

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took my vehicle in because of a light sensor on the dash. pep boys said I needed a whole new module.

didn't want to pay the amount the estimated and instead took it to my dealer. thank god I did.

turns out nothing was wrong, and they lied about testing my vehicle. no codes had posted so there was no way I needed to have done what they claim.


This one is a blatant one and I only wished I had done some research into this outfit before getting a brake job done. Anyway, I recently found from a free autoscan that my radiator was out of coolant and it could also be a shot thermostat.

Took it to a local PepBoys where I normally go. This *** mgr asks me if I saw a puddle in my garage and I said no. Then he has the mechanic check it out for $35.00 and comes back after three hrs to tell me there is a leak in the hose and that it will cost me $672.00 because they would have to pull the engine off. I guess God was smiling on me because the manager did not have his car available to drop me off at home while they worked on the car.

I decided to come back the next day but in the meanwhile I checked the levels in the radiator and filled it to the brim. Been driving for over three days without a problem.

Now I know what these guys are all about. I am going to file a formal complaint with the authorities.


You know, I don't think you were held at gunpoint and forced to approve that work. If you bothered to check around and call other places, you would have found out that wasn't to much.

The suv you own has a different brake set up than most other vehicles. It calls for at least 2 hours of labor. Just please get your facts straight before you post a *** comment that isn't even true. You would've never been able to fix the brakes yourself cause you obviously can't read or ask questions about an estimate that you couldve been asked prior to approving the work.

Take responsibility for knowing about your vehicle or at least ask questions before you blame them for doing work they recommended and you authorized. Geez


Your service advisor should have given you the full estimate, which you agreed to, before any work was done on your vehicle. EVERY large chain automotive shop has SHOP FEES.

These fees are to cover maintenance to the lifts, uniforms for the employees, rags, cleaning items, etc. These are not some "random" charges to create more fees for you but to make sure the shop is maintained to properly work on your vehicle. Taxes obviously are out of the company's control. Pep Boys also does price matching.

If you had taken any time to research and find another shop that would do the work cheaper, I'm sure the Pep Boys you took your vehicle to would have matched the price and ontop of that - beat it by 5%. Also understand that the brake job include turning your rotors so you have a clean braking surface and not just pad slapping it like most shops do, so in a few months you have squealing when you brake.

If you ever have any issues always talk about it with your service advisor or ask for the service manager. Most stores are extremely helpful.


always get an estimate of how much it will cost. going in and saying you want the brake pads replaced and letting them do it without knowing the cost is your fault. good thing you don't go in to a shop and just say fix my car.

Kholargos, Attica, Greece #223546

Yep!!! Pep Boys have thousands of complaints i.e. along this complaint.

Down right nasty company as a whole, along with Midas/

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