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I wish to file an official complaint against Pep Boys located at 106 Market Place Blvd in Knoxville Tennessee and their service manager,Rober Helton.

While I understand that neither of these two email addresses found on your web site are specifically for customer service, I have issued this complaint to the only addresses available on the site after calling the customer service number which sent me to an answering service that never took my message. There appears to be no other means of contacting custermer service other than the customer service phone number listed on your web address, . After reaching the answering machine through the customer service line and awaiting the "beep" to leave a message, I was promptly disconnected. As a result, I am using the only means available to me to reach your customer service. Please ensure this message is passed on to the proper Pep Boys representative.

On the evening of Wednesday, March 3rd 2010, at 7:39:49, I dropped my 1998 Corvette off at the Pep Boys located at 106 Market Place Blvd for service to diagnose and repair the fact that my car would not start. The car was service for my car was coordinated by John Furnari. Prior to this problem, the car was running fine.

The next morning I was informed of the service needed and made a joint decision on the service requirements and cost of that service.

That afternoon when I called to check on the car, I was informed that they were still waiting on parts and that the car would not be ready until the following day. As a result, I had no choice but to make other arrangements for transportation. The next day, I was given a similar story and informed that additional services were needed on the car.

I authorized additional service at additional cost to me in good faith that the car would be ready and road worthy that afternoon. Following work on Friday, March 5th, at 3:07 pm, I paid for all services rendered and was given the keys to drive my car off the lot as though it were fully repaired and safe to drive. Instead, I discovered that the car was in very bad and dangerous running condition. Apparently, the mechanic who performed the work, Michael A. Daniel, chose to ignore those dangerous issues when deciding to release the car back to me, the customer.

Upon pulling out of the store, I discovered that the car would not change gears until it reached almost 4000 rpm's and that the car would not idle. The car died at each stop sign and red light encountered as I drove to return the car to the store. The car was unsafe to drive and was obviously not road worthy when released to me after full payment for services rendered.

Thankfully, an accident due to the condition of the car immediately upon release to me was avoided and I arrived back at the Pep Boys where services were rendered to inform them of the new problems caused by their work on the car - problems that did not exist prior to services performed by Pep Boys.

Upon my arrival, I was informed that they would not be able to re-assess my car until the following morning. I informed the service manager that I had paid in full almost $600 for their service that had taken a day and half longer than advertised and of my frustration and loss of confidence in the service provided by Pep Boys on my car. At the same time, I also informed the service manager of the fact that my car was unsafe to drive as a result of their service after being released to me as though it had been fully repaired. It was reiterated to me by the service manager that there was nothing he could do for me or my car until the following morning. As a result, I had no option other than to park the car at a friends house who lived close by and make transportation arrangements for yet another day.

The next moring, Saturday, March 6th 2010, I called the service department at Beaty Chevrolet and described in detail the services and parts performed by Pep Boys as well as the symptoms that were resultant of that service in hopes that the service department at the dealership might be able to repair the damage done by Pep Boys. I was informed that based upon the parts replaced, service provided, and the symptoms exhibited following the service, that the problem was a timing issue and that it took specific expertise and equipment to get the timing set properly after replacing the distributor as had been done by Pep Boys.

Unfortunately, the service department at Beaty could not service my car until the following Monday, so I reluctantly took the car back to Pep Boys at 10:03am on Saturday, March 6th 2010 - after calling them to gain assurance that they could and would fix the issues of dieing at stops (inability to idle when at rest) and the excessive RPM's required for the automatic transmission to shift gears - both problems that did not exist prior to work performed by Pep Boys at their facilities at 106 Market Place Blvd in Knoxville Tennessee.

I asked the service department at Pep Boys specifically if they had the equipment and expertise required to fix the car properly and they assured me that they did and would.

After waiting for a re-assessment by the mechanic, he came out of the garage and indicated to me that additional services would be required for my car to run properly. When I asked the mechanic why I should have to pay for additional services to repair problems that did not exist prior to his service on the car, he informed me that the car came in on a "trailer" and that he felt the car had these problems prior to his service on the car.

At that point, the service representative stepped in to take the mechanic back out to the shop, talked to him for a few moments, and returned to inform me that he had instructed the mechanic to go ahead and complete the remaining repairs to the car and that they would be completed at no additional cost to me.

I was also informed that, once again, they would need to order some parts to complete the repairs needed and that the car would not be ready until late that afternoon. Stranded, I called a friend to provide transportation once again while I waited on my car.

Late Saturday evening, at 5:52pm when the service department was preparing to close, I recieved a call informing me that my car was, once again, ready for me to pick up. Upon my arrival at Pep Boys, one of the service managers arrived after test driving my car and, once again, released the car to me as though it was repaired.

Once again, immediately after leaving Pep Boys, the same problems still existed and it was readily apparent to me that the service personnel at Pep Boys were simply incapable of repairing my car properly.

Leaving the car with my friend and making other transportation arrangements once again, I made the decision to have my car towed to the Chevrolet Dealership to be repaired properly and avoid the potential of an accident while driving the car in its condition following iterative attempts at repair by Pep Boys.

Today is Sunday, March 7, 2010, a full three after seeking service and repair to my car at Pep Boys and I am still stranded without transportation. If not for the kindness of friends and availability of resources to rent a car for transportation, I would still be completely stranded due to the condition of my car following Pep Boys failed attempts at servicing it properly.

This afternoon, I will have my car towed to the Chevrolet Dealership for repair and rent another car in order to get to work Monday morning.

I am very disgruntled with the service attempts, misrepresentations, and incompetence demonstrated by both the managers and the mechanic who were involved with the work on my car. My time is worth a lot to me, particularly on the weekends. Not only have I lost transportation during these failed service attempts, I have lost time in waiting.

It is my contention that a full refund for the amount I paid to Pep Boys to repair my car is the very least that Pep Boys should do at this point. In addition, the executive management at Pep Boys should be made aware of the potential liabilities associated with this kind of incompetence. Had an accident occurred, Pep Boys would be fully liable for all harms done as a result of the accident.

It is my hope that this is an isolated incident and that the executive management at Pep Boys will take immediate action to remedy this potentially tragic situation.

Please forward this complaint to the customer service department for Pep Boys and ask them to get back to me with a response.

John G. Galyon, MScPM, PMP

Project Management Specialist

Global Primary Products


Monetary Loss: $600.

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No offense, but you took a corvette to Pep Boys? And you returned there AFTER they screwed it up the first time????

The most I would let them do is change the air filter on a Chevy Colbalt....not even let them touch anything on the engine....

You have a nice car and you take it to Pep Boys? ....


I am also an auto tech. If your car didnt start how did you know if it had any of the problems you stated above.

From what I gathered from the info provided you took your car to pep boys for a starting problem not a running problem.

I dont work for pep boys but I hate these customers that have their vehicle repaired somewhere and then all of a sudden there is all these other problems. Its a chinese thing its called the sinsu problem since you worked on my car this is happening its *** fix the car yourself then.


I had a fuel pump replaced on my Mustang and the *** *** holes left a lot of gaps, therefore the sensors detect a gas leak, A Firestone shop adviced me to go back tomorrow to Pep Boys for repair again


Your car ran so great that it would not start. I guess you can't get into a accident if the car won't run.


No offense intended, but anyone with just a bit of common sense/intelligence knows not to take their car to a place like PepBoys, Jiffy Lube and the likes. These places usually hire second class mechanics at best.

Besides, the way they are structured is to promote customer ripoff.

Many years ago I used to be a service advisor for a repair shop that did not pay their mechanics nor charged their customers to diagnose/test drive the customers cars, guess what... every car tested always had a problem, the reason being, it was the only way the mechanic was going to get paid.


I think you should be refunded for the labor, but not the parts used. After all, the vehicle was not running when you brought it in but was driving when you left, so something was repaired.

I would like to see your follow up comment from your "Dealer" experience...

that's probably a whole other complaint! lmao


Yea like they did damage to your car. Your own *** said that it didnt start to begin with, so how could they tell the rest if it wont start? And yea what did the dealer rub there majick 8 ball over the phone?

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