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In a word, and with the notable exception of the cashiers, service is -- ATROCIOUS! If the people who "run" my local store are a general reflection of the kind of people your organization calls managers and supervisors, then Manny, Moe and Jock must be the second coming of the "Three Stooges." Couple stories to share ...

1. My heater core, working fine one day, developed an obvious overnight clog. The "experts" in the service department, apparently totally unschooled in the simple technique of backflushing, insisted that the ONLY way to effect a repair was a heating core replacement, requiring removal of the dashboard and steering wheel and accompanied by a charge of $1200. I told these amateurs NO, ran home and found AT LEAST 5 excellent Youtube videos on how to perform the backflush. Took me 30 minutes and I was back in full operation. Net cost to me was a gallon of anti-freeze, purchased somewhere other than Pep-Boys, of course. Pep-boys might want to have their mechanics scan the Youtube web site so that they can complete their training.

2. Ordered a power steering pump replacement. the "crack" (or "on crack") order taker told me that they had to obtain it from another store and would have it by a set time and call me. Three hours after the expected call-back time, I CALLED to inquire. After several extended handoffs, I was told they had the part but forgot to call back. Great.

Arrived at the store to find the parts counter manned by an apparently bored team of people with sleepy X-es for eyes behing the counter. Had to wait another 10 minutes for these hustlers to retrieve the part that had just been delivered and they forgot to call me back about. After confirming that it was the proper part number, I left the core and came home, too late by now to complete the reinstallation because of all the Pep Boys delays.

Rose bright and early the next day to finish, only to find on opening the box, that the return tube assembly to the new power steering unit was not attached to the unit or included with the unit.

If the sleepy attendant could have somehow mustered a 5 second inspection before accepting the core, he could have told me that and spared the extra 10 mile back to the store. That too turned out to be a waste of time, since the ONE thing these incompetents appeared to be good at was getting those core parts right out the door. The resident "Stuporvisor" apparently had not even managed to learn the words, "I'm sorry", or think intelligently. He might have at least attempted to pick up the phone (assuming he knew how to operate one) and see if my core could be retrieved. Heck, I would have thanked him and made the drive over myself. He also couldn't seem to muster any interest in seeing whether the missing part could be ordered or obtained, perhaps because he couldn't operate a computer either.

After all this, I could have installed your remanufacutered unit and tried to secure the lost part, but after this experience, I decided instead to return the unit and buy it elsewhere. Turns out about 99 of Pep-Boys competitors sold it cheaper, and I could get and equivalent unit 60% off through Amazon, with no sales tax and free shipping.

Hope this chain is proud of these guys, because I certainly won't be dealing with them for many, many, many, many, many, many months to come, if ever. This message was posted to their customer service unit. I'm posting the juicy details on whatever retail feedback forums I can find to let as many others as possible know what they can expect when they drop by a "NO-Pep Boys" store for parts or service. Stay thousands of miles away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Part Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Inventory.

I didn't like: Management.

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