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i recently left pepboys due to poor service being given to customers. few months ago we had a mandatory pay cut of $5.00 and went on commission.

we had a customer service score we had to keep in order to get 2 1/2 percent commission or we would only get 1 1/2. that is why the service to customers has gotten bad, we were forced to upsell our customers on things they didn't need.

mechanics get paid by the job in hours the job took. that is why they recommend something you didn't come in for. this company is such a rip off and that is why i have found a job elsewhere.

it is true that they promote installers with no experience as mechanics. out of 10 mechanics 3 are actually certified. so hopefully you get that one good mechanic or they will probably break something trying to learn and say it was like that. read your work order at the cash out and you will see.

look at there stock it is $3.00 and dropping. they just laid off 50 employees and cut managers bonuses. hopefully you don't have to deal with that pissed off manager..

goodluck in your experience.

concerned ex-employee

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I am leaving Pep Boys too,they lie to you about the pay use you for a few months until you catch on to their scam


Being a ESST Im making more money than mechanics, and service writters. I get paid 7.50 an hour, commission, and flat rate $7.00/a hour,

I flag average of 3-5 hours a day sometimes up to 7 hours.I sell alot of brakes and tires, alignments .I do diagnostics, alignments, tires, brakes,clutches, differentials, everything.

Now my store made all the essts, into service writers and the boss wants me to be a mechanic. I did the math, if I flag 3 hours in a 8 hour day, Id be making $60+21=$81 If I was a mechanic flagging 3 hours, $16x3 =$48 which is ***... Most of the techs at my store average flag 3 hours a day, to make as much as a esst that flags 3 hours, a mechanic would to flag almost 6 hours.. Pepboys is a scam to its employees.

I complained that I didnt want to be a mechanic because of the pay, and so far im the last ESST at my store.I understand that I am over qualified as a esst.. I certainly do not want to make less money.

Eventually they are switching me.. :(


Silly people, it's called a flatrate manual and you would not believe the different companys, A/C, Plumbers, etc that use them. The kids at Pep Boy's are on that.

They have "x" number of minutes to do a job and anything over is their loss, not the shops. Then take a look at the $10 buck shop fee they charge you without you knowing. It does in fact cover rags, screws, and shop cost. So if you get a losy job just think, some kid didn't lose money on you.

Don't believe me? Ask for a print out of the break down for your bill...


i dont know who you think your kidding as a current employee. i know for a fact that the desk writers get paid by 7.50 hr and 2.5% commission if their net promoter score is 50 and above. anything under and its 1.5%


Pep emp #1 You must be the ***. The commission system has been in place sense FEB 08.

You Might not be, You probably still make your 12-12.5 hrly. Lucky You! Every thing this guy says in his post is true. I would love to know what store you work for Mines 0031..

I am also leaving pepboys.

I dont know about you, But being an ADV for Pepboys is junk. Specally sense I have my C1 and by Brakes and Performance ASE.. I will be Making 2 times more at Bill Brit VDuB, as an ADV. I will also have my own office and computer..

So F Pepboys an there Over selling none skill Junk. The company will Got out of busness in about 1 year anyways.


well you must be an *** bc there is no commission at pepboys and i know that at my store we only sell what the car needs to be safe. dont be a *** and say ur an ex smployee bc u dont know anything you probably got fired bc u were ripping off customers

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