Los Angeles, California

Al, I was the manager of the carson pep boys, and no one got pay raises. I don't know what state your from but all I heard from the other Pep Boys is my distric, was NO ONE got raises, And in fact the higher paid managers that made over 20 dollars per hour were getting fired for any reason they could think of.

its there distric Managers that suck, they are the only people that have stayed the same thru the hole problem, I can't understand why people like Scott Ross (western vice president) can't see that.

I would suggest that Scott Ross try to look at the one common thing that has been the same thru the hole failure of pep boys service (weak distric managers) Its funny to hear the distric managers say this new VP will only be here for a few years and I have been with this company for more then 10 years, we just wait him out and on to the next fool.

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I know he's weak and dim witted, but I know how to manipulate him.


Speaking of WEAK district managers, have you met Chris Roach? Weak as they come.

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