New Hartford, New York

I just purchased my stepsons Jeep. In the back of it was a brand new tire..still with thr tire sticker on and then letters on the tire were still covered with blue.

My son never got to put it on as he lost his license. I called Pep Boys to see if I could return I have no receipt. The manager John had the nerve to say " are you sure he bought it" , insinuating that he had stolen it....because he couldn't find his name in the computer....he then became more interested in selling me 2 new tires and giving me a price with installment. He said I can take the tire and throw it away.

First of all sir..just because I'm a woman...does not mean I'm ***., husband was with his son when he paid you cash for the tire. , and thirdly.. even Pep Boys customer service basically said I was screwed. That tire cost $186.99, and I was not looking for money from it.

I was interested in 2 new tires that would allow it to pass inspection.

Oh and BTW the Pep Boys Store that did this to me is in New Hartford, New York..and the only one that sells that tire. Thanks for the help...jerks!!!

Monetary Loss: $187.

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