Meriden, Connecticut

I am a grad student in CT and therefore cash shy. I was advised that going to Pep Boys was a reasonable way to get my headlights fixed.

When I went in to the service desk, I asked someone if I could get help with them although the store was within a 1/2 hour of closing (even though the service department was not). I was told to purchase the bulbs I needed without anyone taking the time to check that I really needed them. I purchased them.

I was then told to go out to the service department and wait in line and someone would help me install them. Although I wasn't sure that I needed bulbs installed I thought it couldn't hurt. Well, it hurt a lot!

The young man who came over was not happy to work on my car. I told him that I knew the procedure to replace the headlight on the driver's side and it didn't involve removing the battery. He insisted on removing the battery. Then he was angry about all the screws etc. that held coverings in place and when I told him that I wasn't sure about the clip being able to come out because I had watched someone else ease the bulb into position w/o taking the clip out, his "attack" on my car increased and he cracked the clip. He then told me he thought he could "rig it" back together well enough to give me a headlight (it was snowing Saturday night) and freezing as well.

He couldn't get the lights to work and also lost me the use of my left turn signal. I know he didn't replace all the screws he took out of the battery cover but don't know what he did with them. He got more angry when he broke the clip for the light. I wondered if perhaps the problem was more to do with fuses or electrical plugs. I had no idea where the fuse box was and so he said I'd have to return Monday morning because the part would need to be ordered anyway and their electrical person was in Monday morning. This meant that I could not keep all the appointments I had Sunday but I thought well, if they will fix the car it will be okay.

Monday when I arrived no one came to ask why I was there, in fact, they pretended I wasn't. So, in order not to be ignored I entered the store and asked if they would fix the car as promised. I was told that because it was an electrical problem I would need to take the car to my dealership (something I hoped to avoid because dealerships are generally expensive for repairs). I asked them if they would cover the cost of replacing the clip and was assured that they would reimburse me for it. So I asked them for a phone number and went to the dealership in Plainville, CT where I was treated respectfully, listened to and awarded a proposal to fix what the young man had broken. For the sum of $500, I could get a new headlight. I needed the entire assembly because the clip wasn't supposed to come off and certainly wasn't supposed to be broken off I was informed. So it appeared that the only way to fix it was to replace the entire headlight assembly! The cost made me catch my breath too.

When I returned to the Pep Boy store with the quote in my hand, I was dissed. I finally requested the person I had spoken with in the morning and after a few minutes he appeared. He told me that they wouldn't cover a $500 bill for a clip. I explained that it wasn't that the clip cost that-the clip wasn't supposed to come off and since their serviceman had broken it off, I felt they owed me not only the cost of the clip but the money I had spent for the lights which the dealership said were not necessary because the only problem was that some plugs needed to be tightened.

Why wouldn't a supposedly "trained" technician at Pep boys know this? Why was he so angry about working on my car? Angry enough to break a vital piece of equipment. When I asked to see the service manager I was again ignored and when I insisted, was told he might be in the following day by 8am. I said that was unacceptable and asked to speak to someone in corporate. The corporate person was affable and friendly but told me that the store itself needed to file a claim for the damage. I returned to the service desk and was ignored. When I asked for someone to file a claim for the damage, I was told only the service manager could do that. I returned to my car and attempted to call Pep boys national, and now could not get through to a service person so I left a message. I was assured that someone would call me but no one did. I now have a need for a headlight assembly that will cost a total of $500 and no way to raise the money and no way to fix my car. I am determined to pursue this as I now believe that Pep boys owes me for the headlight and should reimburse me for the bulbs they sold me which I didn't need. I will pursue this through Better Business Bureau and every other avenue I can find.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Part Replacement.

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Vehicle was left with Pep Boys overnight for a wiper motor replacement. Called @ 8:30 the next morning to be informed my vehicle had been broken into and the radio stolen.

Service Manager never once informed me there was even a small % my vehicle would be outside, or I would have never left it there. To start, Pep Boys did the wiper motor work for free without being asked, then proceeded to tell us they weren't responsible for my vehicle being broken into. I had the window replaced, and they reimbursed me for that, but I'm without tint on that window, missing a stereo out of the dash, and my blinkers/hazards no longer work since most of the wiring was hanging out of my dash. I've contacted customer service and received a call from the Service Manager, Todd, who couldn't believe we were asking for the stereo/electrical replacement after he so graciously did the wiper motor work for free.

I informed him that no one asked for the free work, and I had planned on taking my vehicle elsewhere so it wouldn't be left outside at night. I've currently got a case open with Customer Service- I call each day b/c I'm not getting snowed on this.

I also have a claim with the BBB that has been escalated. I don't feel that I'm wrong in asking for my vehicle to be in the same working condition as it was when I first dropped it off, and plan on continuing the pursuit of this claim.


If you knew so much about changing a headlight. then why did you insist on Pep Boys doing it and paying an install fee?

Why would you not assume that if there was a line of people right before the store closed, that maybe these guys where ready to go home. No one needs that kind of grief that late at night over a headlight. I am a mechanic, and it's horrible how the public expects magic to happen to thier cars anytime they please. things break- things happen.

I'm sure that the guy didn't break it on purpose or he probably wouldn't have a job as a tech.

Please look at both sides people. Manager was wrong still.


they are responsible. do youself a favor and call 1 800 pepboys and make your complaint. keep calling until they respond in your favor.


I just had a bad experience with Pep Boys in Abilene, TX the day after Christmas (I have a thread posted). I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau as well.

They cost me $645.00.

I feel your pain. I hope we both get our money back.

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