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The early part of Aug I took my Dodge Van to the Pep Boys in Woodland Hills. I took it there to have an oil change and to have my A/C checked.

I told the service Rep that the A/C was taking a long time to cool thing down.

I picked up the Van the next afternoon after driving it for about 45 min the A/C was doing worse than before.

I took it back and told them my complaint. They checked it again and told me I had an oil leak and that it cause my A/C comprssor to "burn out".

I asked why they had released the Van to me without telling me about this problem. The only response I got was that some one forgot to leave a note about it. The service rep said that they would replace the compressor, at no charge to me. He said that since they did not have the part in stock that they would have order it and that because it was Sun they couldn't order it till Mon. I was informed that they would have the part by Tues or Wed at the latest and that they would call when the part came in.

Wed night there was no call from them. I called and was told that the Rep that was handeling it was not in, I was told they would have him call the next day.

The next day there was no call from them and I called, I was told again that the rep wasn't in. I asked to speak to a manager and was told he was not available.

When I called again on Sat I was told that they had decided to just refund the charges for the A/C service.

Needles to say after all they put me through, I will not be going there for any sort of service.

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A typical “comedy of errors”, which happen at high volume shops. I would not take a vehicle to high volume shops for anything more than oil changes, tires, brakes, suspension, or charging system work. It is best to take a vehicle to a specialty shop for anything else.

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