San Antonio, Texas

I have my Saturn towed to Pepboys because it won't start. Diagnostic check cost close to $100 and will not be charged towards any repair cost.

The result of diagnostic test was a bad fuel pump. The complete replacement and labor charge came to almost $900. The labor charge was $99 per hour. Since I could not easily take the car to another place and I had already paid for the diagnostic charge, I reluctantly accepted the repair.

In short, I was at their mercy.

I feel these people are crooks and I definitely will find another mechanic now in advance so I won't have to go to them in the future. I wish everyone will do that.

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Go to a local shop, dealerships and chains have high labor rates.

Aurora, Illinois, United States #1262733

My daughter is in KY, just outside of Cincy, Ohio. Fuels pump went out on I-75, towed to Pep Boys.

Told cost will be $800.00 to replace. Seems high, but she is at their mercy.


What did you expect? Did you want them to spend time and diagnose it for free?

If your boss came to you and asked you to work for an hour for free, would you do it? No, you wouldn't. So why do you expect them to?

Not sure what kind of Saturn you have but sometimes you can figure on fuel pump labor being $400-$500 and then $200-$300 in parts. $900 doesn't seen that unreasonable.

to Anonymous #1564514

Did you read the guys msg idiot ....he complains because he was told $90 an ht...a file pump can be changed in 1.6 hora tops....hello..


thanx for the heads up. pepboys is a conglomerate so they feel no need to treat their customers fairly. I will never do business with them again.


I also had a bad experience tire rod broke desperate to have the car fixed asap we went to pep boys. They messed up on the order of the part they needed, so I decided to bring the car to my original mechanic told pep boys to halt working on the car.

Keep in mind the only thing done to the car at this point was removing the tire!! They informed me that there was a charge for the labor


Spread they are ripping people off!!!


I work at a car dealership and our labor is $125.00 per hours as is most other dealers, so don't be so sad


GM fuel sending units are very expensive. Doesn't sound so bad.


I would call several other places on the labor the prices and if there is a drastic difference I would contact corporate and file a complaint, but some modular pumps are upwards of $400, the diag. charge is standard everywhere

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #364783

I am in the repair business and that price is normal

to Bob #802715

They are stealing.

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