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I went in to get an oil change and tire rotation at 3:45PM. I was told it would be an hour.

At 5:10PM I left because they had not put the car on the rack yet. Yet I saw associates playing around snapping towels at each other. Managers standing around laughing with fellow associates.This is not the first time it's taken this long just for an oil change. I have taken it before and seen them put the car on the rack and let it sit there for 15 minutes.

Then they *** the oil pan bolt and let it drain for another 15 minutes.

Then finally get around to changung the oil. What a joke, I will think twice before getting any service at Pep Boys.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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you need to go to 10 minoil change called jiffy lube . you need to know that every thing takes time .


Pep Boys blows!! They need a huge management overhaul at the top level. Everyone I go into is a rip-off.


As a former employee of Pepboys, I can say that the associates in the store, the ones that you see, are not the ones that do the oil changes, tire rotations, they do not work on the cars. There are seperate people out in the bays that work on the cars.

I agree the 29min oil change thing is WRONG, becuase it is actully 29 minutes from the time they pull your vehicle INTO the bay area. Not 29 minutes from when you approach the desk.

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