Rock Hill, South Carolina
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My 1991 Mazda B2600i truck wouldnt start. Towed into Pep Boys and they did the diagnostic test, result was to replace the wiring harness.

Cost of a used harness was $425 and then labor cost $1300 total cost $1725. Service MGR said the air conditioner would have to be taken apart and then recharged, dash board dropped, and another section of the engine taken off to install the entire wiring harness. Did I get ripped off?? Was pretty much at their mercy.

He kept saying it was alot of labor involved to install the entire harness. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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Stuart, Florida, United States #1307976

Dude...look where you took it Pep Boys.. seriously you got fuked ! You should have parked it until you got with people in the :"know".


Yes. Completely ripped off.

I was quoted a wiring harness replace from our family mechanic at 600.

Parts labor and all. Car was a 2004 Grand Am V6


You Got *** All They Need To Do Was Find A Broken Wire


ASE Master Technician

i cannot in my wildest dreams conceive of a possibility where an ENTIRE wiring harness needs replacement, with the exception of a fire. i am assuming they couldn't figure it out beyond that there was a problem in the wiring and that was their diagnosis, and they couldn't track/trace the actual issue.

so yes you got ROYALLY screwed. if the truck now runs and drives OK and everything works, count your blessings, as many don't get good results from pep boys on major repairs. I wouldn't let those clowns top off my washer fluid, they would probably put it in the brake reservoir. Pep boys does not pay a sufficient wage to attract real talent, hence they have to hire whoever is willing to work for them for about half what a real tech makes.

They have a huge turnover of employees for this reason.each batch worse than the last.

The shop i work at pays me well, and they treat me well. try finding that at pep boys.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #620084

You got reamed. only an *** would spend that much money to fix a car worth less than 2k..wake up. :eek

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #587937

got a great deal......

Lynn, Massachusetts, United States #585283

I think you got a fair deal if all is fixed and especially if you like the car and plan to keep it . A well maintained car will last a very long time .

I have a 2002 Toyota Corolla

that I have everything done when needed . Have you changed the transmission Fluid ? most don't . Things nowadays are expensive .

If you find a company that fare and does the job right and the price is not low or high stay with them . Good luck

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