Stafford, Texas

I bought an altenator 2 years ago from u guys and it started to make a weird sound and my car started to die took it in and they said it tested good, but o now the battrie light stays on all the time my car dosent know weather to die or stay running. I changed the belt water pump and all my pulleys and the noise is still coming from my altenator, and I have a life time warranty and they won't give it to me now and that's bull ***. I just want my altenator should've went with napa

Monetary Loss: $174.

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The lifetime warranty is on a defective part. If they put it on their tester and it tests good there is nothing to warrant.

Napa would have told you the same thing. You CANT defect warranty something that is not defective.

If the bearing was going bad they would have heard it in the store during testing. :cry


Life time warranty is for defects in the equipment. A squeaking sound would mean a bad bearing and would be covered.

If they checked it outside the car inside the store it would have been easy to tell or not. If they checked it inside the car, they would have sprayed lubricant on the alt if it wasn't clear that noise was coming for it to see if it stopped. Even though you said you replaced belts/pullies it could be a major component.

Like AC compressor, water pump, Power steering pump, ext that have a bad bearing. This could cause drag on the system, and prevent the altenator from functioning properly.


Don't worry if your (BATTRIE) light is on.There is nothing wrong with your (battery).Try checking the owners manual to see what that light is for.


Just out of curiosity, have they given you a reason they won't assist you even though you have a lifetime warranty?

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