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pep Boys suck

Company Pep Boys
Product / Service Motor Repair
Location Springfield, Missouri
Category Household Services
Views 249
Monetary Loss

I had my car that was kinda studdering looked at pep boys.They said they could fix it in a day.

But guess what, I had to cancel all my plans for the holidays cause my car wasn't done. On top of it, when I got my car back there was a bent pully. I called pep boys about it, They said to come in. But when I got there.

I got a very rude manager. He said they didn't do what we paid for them to do. I drive a lexus. Everyone who drives a lexus, knows that there is a lexus emblum on the motor.

When I got the car back, the emblum was gone. He said that I would have to go and get the emblum and send him the bill. He should of went and got the part and paid for it. Not me!

Then when I brought up the subject of the bent pully, he said it wasn't his problem. That is ***. Its not his car so he didn't care. He refuses to fix it.

The manager was totally sexiest. Just because I am a girl don't mean I don't know anything about cars. What he doesn't know is that I mostlikely know more about cars then he does. I was raised around cars.

When I asked him if a ase certifed machanic was working on the car. All he had to say was that he was a retired marine. Who gives a ***. I want an actual machanic to work on my car.

Not some joe blow that knows ***. Except how to rotate tires. They have deffently lost my business.

P.S.To that manager-- Your a ***!! 305fc14

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Sep 06, 2013  from Chino, California
Hey Jeff Taylor:

"Based on the pathetic use of English in your post and the underlying anger I'm fairly confident in saying you came across as an ignorant, agressive, and annoying ***.

Seriously lady, sell the car and take some night classes to help you with your comma placement, verb conjugation, spelling and context issues. You'll be much better off. People do not respect ignorance."

You missed the comma required after "anger", making your sentence grammatically incorrect. Second, it's aggressive, not agressive. Did you notice that even this little forum program will underline incorrect spelling? Or did you think it was just there for laughs?

So let's see, using your approach, no one is respecting you. Second of all, you get even less respect because you're a freaking grammar Nazi, and a general overall a-hole.

Now go crawl back to your job doing oil changes at Pep Boys, you ***.
Reply to Tom Andrews

Sep 04, 2013  from Ventura, California
Your fault, should have taken to a Lexus dealer.
Bet you are too cheap and thought you could do this cheaper.
You get what you pay for.
Blame yourself and no one else.
Reply to Lexus Owner too

Mar 09, 2013  from Elmore, Alabama
Based on the pathetic use of English in your post and the underlying anger I'm fairly confident in saying you came across as an ignorant, agressive, and annoying ***.

Seriously lady, sell the car and take some night classes to help you with your comma placement, verb conjugation, spelling and context issues. You'll be much better off. People do not respect ignorance.
Reply to Jeff Taylor

Feb 25, 2013  from Cincinnati, Ohio
I've taken my car to Pep Boys only a few times and never had any issues with them, but I have heard from others *** that they've encountered with Pep Boys. I will not be going there anymore if they really treat their customers like that.
Reply to Your mom

Nov 04, 2011 
Reply to TONY

Oct 14, 2011 
I too had an awful time at Pepboys.

Case 1: Had a slow leak on a tire took it in for them to look at they found nothing. A week later I noticed a screw sticking out about 3/4".

Case 2: Was told a window regulator could not be replaced because I had the door panel already off instead of just replacing the part and leaving it at that. Made me put it back on before working on it.

Case 3: 5 days later from getting window regulator fixed I had a passenger try to use the door handle to get out. Turns out Pepboys didn't even reassemble the door panel properly and forgot to attach the lever that connects to handle. Also, they stripped out the screws so they are just half assed screwed in.
Reply to Agreed

Jul 14, 2011 
you ling sack of s""t you *** cow you drive a POS lexus thats falling apart ill maintained and you want to blame pep boys for all your problems if your so smart and car savy fix it yourself, i hope your leggs grow together
Reply to phil donahue

May 30, 2013  from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
well you puke apparently you work for pep boys. I am also a victim of their ignorance. They ought to be out of business. the dumb bastards do not even know how to correctly change oil.
Reply to your stupid

Jul 14, 2011 
Reply to al

May 19, 2011 
YOU GUYS SUCK AND ARE SO *** INCOMPETENT ---woooooops..forgot to hide the *** INCOMPETENT PART. Have a spectacular day!

Pep boys!!! mmeeahhh!
Reply to yousuck

Apr 17, 2011 
If you think it sucks being a customer then try working for the cheap bastards !
Reply to John Stewart

Feb 19, 2011 
yes Pep Boys does Suck. I hate to go into details but its pretty bad.
Reply to Chad

Feb 05, 2011 
I starting to hate Pep Boy now.. Almost a year ago i took my Camry to change oil but when i got back i saw oil leak on the floor so, i check my engine compartment and found out that my oil filter was very loose. Last week, I took my new infinity to change oil and today i found a lot of oil leak under the car and my can running very rough tomorrow i will check why my car is running so rough.

I will never associate with them anymore I think they mechanic do not care I remember when i went to check out my car in the parking lot they were laughing that kind of weird. I hope they did not dammage my Infinity but what can I do unless i put camera. I have been Pepboy customer for more than 20 year I think it time to say good bye.
Reply to tom

Sep 06, 2009 
yeah it's always happen.. i work at pep boys as machanic they don't given *** about your car they just want money to make a days. sometime they don't change the oil filter. it's ***.. so in panorama city pep boys (store #0879) if u see service manager's name alex meza, don't let him to help you pls..
Reply to pep boys suck

Jul 25, 2009 
Sherri, I just want to clarify: You are upset that a pulley was bent (That would have abvsolutely nothing to do with an engine stutter; IE drivability concern) and the Lexus emblem was missing from your way overpriced Toyota ENGINE (Motors run on electricity, not internal combustion like an ENGINE)? Do I have the facts correct?
Reply to Repairgod

Feb 14, 2009 
This is for Svc Mngr Jacksonville FL. For a Mgr, so you say?? You sure do stoop to the lower of standards when replying to a former customer. If anything you should be trying to help the situation not be a *** about it!! I see why she says you are called assboys!!! POS!!!
Reply to James

Jan 29, 2009 
First of all gilroy...We are not *** boys we are pepboys.your little sly remarks on just about every article on this page is gonna get your *** in trouble.One more time I read anything you wrote I will contact the authorities.and they will find you. people like you and mrs cry box are what keep pepboys going.Get a *** life and leave us to our job
Reply to Svc Mngr Jacksonville FL

Jan 04, 2009 
whats a machanic, does that person work at macdonalds...lmao
Reply to john

Jan 04, 2009 
Another satisfied H A C K BOYS customer
Reply to Gilroy

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